Linwood lies 3km to the west of Paisley on the Black Cart Water.

Napier Street c1900 Linwood village
When Britain was part of the Roman empire, it is said that the Roman soldiers cut down the forest at Linwood to prevent the natives hiding in the trees and attacking Roman camps. The treeless area became Linwood Moss, which today is a haven for wildlife. The Linwood area belonged to the monks of Paisley Abbey, who farmed the land and caught salmon in the Black Cart; later the land was owned by the Abercorn family. For a long time Linwood village was a very small community. Until the early 20th century, there were only two streets: Bridge Street and Napier Street. In this small area were the church, the shops, the school and the mills. Bridge Street took its name from the bridge across the Black Cart which was built by the Cochrane family of Clippens House, in 1776. Napier Street was named after a local landowner.

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